Baldev tries to shoot himself in Veera

January 21st, 2015 |
Baldev tries to shoot himself in Veera
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Veera, television series being aired on Star Plus is heading for a new twist in the story with Baldev trying to shoot himself and Veera in the upcoming track.

The current track of the story revealed that Baldev found out Veera’s intention of geeting married to him for saving him from the punishment. Baldev feels like Veera has married him out of sympathy and not out of love, so Baldev doesn’t treat her well. On the other hand, Veera is trying her best to collect the evidence to prove Baldev innocent. As per the upcoming track, Rajveer convinces Veera to help her to prove Baldev innocent and asks her to get him Baldev’s memory card which contains the evidence to prove Baldev innocent.

Veera will give the memory card to Rajveer and upon Baldev finding out that Veera is still meeting Rajveer behind his back thinks that Rajveer and Veera are making conspiracy to prove Baldev guilty. Veera tries to explain the situation to Baldev but he doesn’t listen to her and in an impulse takes out his gun and tries to shoot himself but will not succeed. Angry at Veera, he points the gun towards Veera to shoot her but wont be able to shoot her. Finally, Baldev decides to shoot himself but his friend will intervene and averts the mishap.

Let’s see if Veera will able to clear the misunderstanding between her and Baldev or not.

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