Food has its own language : Chef Vikas Khanna

January 19th, 2015 |
Food has its own language : Chef Vikas Khanna
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One of the most good looking chef Vikas Khanna is getting ready for MasterChef India season 4 which airs from 26th January on Star Plus. Master Chef India is a platform where all the amateur cooks get an opportunity to showcase their culinary talent along with gaining a learning experience. We got an exclusive interview with Vikas Khanna on his journey so far.

When did you realized your dream about becoming a chef?
I am a foodie. Food is all I know. Since my early childhood, I was in love with foods. I just loved being in the kitchen and cooking something new everyday. As a child, I would have called it just a learning experiment but today when I look back, I realize that small experiments turned into a lifetime passion for food. So, a dream of becoming a chef didn’t just strike me overnight but it might have been there since my childhood days.

How did you started off?
I started off with a bature counter set up in the backyard of our home and my mom used to help me with managing the shop. Since it was a small scale business I didn’t even have enough dishes and chairs for the guests. However, it gave me an overview of my dream to follow.

Is it true that you didn’t know Hindi at all in those days?
That’s true. It was one of the most difficult challenge I my life that I had to overcome. I didn’t know how to speak in Hindi, let alone English. I had this apprehensions about how I am going to take my business ahead with this language barrier but as I forayed into the culinary land I understood that food has its own language and this realisation helped me to overcome my weakness and pursue my passion.

How do you relate yourself with the contestants in Masterchef?
Honestly, I see myself in each one of them. Though each one of them come from different backgrounds, they all share a common passion and that is food. We have come across many contestants who have given up their 20 years of career to follow their passion in cooking. I salute their passion. MasterChef has given many contestants the platform to do what makes them happy.

Are you in contact with the winners of the MasterChef?
Of course, our MasterChefs Pankaj Bhadouria, Shipra Khanna and Ripudaman Handa are doing great. They are trying their best from publishing their books to opening restaurants to running their own culinary show. They all are very hardworking people and I am happy for all of them.

Tell us about your book ‘Utsav’.
Utsav as its meaning is a book of festivals and delicacies associated with the festivals. This book not only comprises of the recipes but also the experiences of people all around the globe. I hope this book gives contributes in giving a new dimension to the world of culinary art.

You have quite a female fan following. How does your charm work on women?
I think the thing is that my surname is Khanna, may be girls misunderstand it for Khaana (food) (smiles). On a serious note, I guess its not my charm that attract women but I guess it’s the magic of my food. I feel blessed with love and affection people have shown towards me.

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