Avni’s truth to be revealed in ‘Naamkaran’

September 14th, 2017 |
Avni’s truth to be revealed in ‘Naamkaran’
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As per the ongoing track, Neel wanted to surprise Riya and comes to her place to find Riya has gone to parlour. Neel asks Avni to help him selecting the jewelry for Riya hearing which Riya gets nervous. Actually Neel has been planning to find out Avni’s secrets. While Neel makes Avni to try out the jewelry, he asks Avni to take out her chain so that she can try other neckpieces.

As per the source, the main intention behind making Avni remove her chain is Neel’s intention to see the picture Avni has in the pendant of the chain. Neel also wants to see if the cover of the pendant that he has fits the one that Avni is wearing. Avni gets nervous as the pendant contains the picture of her mother and she doesn’t want Neel to see it, so she makes every effort to hide the picture from him. Will Neel be successful in his plan?

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