Suraj gets jealous of Ajay in ‘Udaan’

August 14th, 2017 |
Suraj gets jealous of Ajay in ‘Udaan’
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Serial ‘Udaan’ on Colors is currently riding high on TRP charts due to twists and turns in its storyline. Chakor has recently founf out that Vivaan and Ragini are injecting drug in Kamal Narayan’s body to keep him insane. Chakor goes to Suraj to inform him about Vivaan and Ragini’s misdeed and meets Ajay. Suraj will be delighted to see that Chakor has come up to meet him but when he sees Ajay holding Chakor’s hand he will lose his temper.

Suraj will hold Chakor and asks her about Ajay and her closeness. Suraj will be jealous of Ajay and tells Chakor that he will not let anyone to come between him and Chakor. Chakor will tell Suraj that she is working together with Ajay to uproot the gun factory from their village. Chakor will also tell Suraj that she has no suh feeling for Ajay.

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