Kamal Narayan to save Chakor’s life in ‘Udaan’

July 3rd, 2017 |
Kamal Narayan to save Chakor’s life in ‘Udaan’
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Ever since the beginning, Kamal Narayan has always wanted to kill Chakor but this time an unbelievable twist has created havoc in serial ‘Udaan’. Yes, you heard it right Vivaan who is convinced by his mother that Chakor is behind all the mishaps in his life will try to kill Chakor. Vivaan who had always supported Chakor will this time misunderstand Chakor and will attempt to kill her whereas Kamal Narayan will come to her rescue.

As per the current track, Chakor and Suraj are trying to convey their feelings for each other and wants the other to express first. Amidst this romantic ambience, Vivaan will plot to kill Chakor but Kamal Narayan will rush to rescue Chakor. Chakor will be shocked as why Vivaan whom she had trusted so much wants to kill her and more surprised by Kamal Narayan’s gesture to save her life. Why Kamal Narayan saved her life will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. So stay tuned in for more gossip news!

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