Shivaay chooses Anika over Pinky

April 7th, 2017 |
Shivaay chooses Anika over Pinky
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Pinky has always disapproved Anika and can’t stand her getting close to Shivaay. Pinky had been trying to brainwash Shivaay trying to convince that Anika is unsuitable for him. She even told Shivaay that Anika is nothing but a gold digger. As per the current track, Shivaay is shot trying to protect Anika and is hospitalized. When Anika tried to meet Shivaay, Pinky didn’t allow her.

But Rudra, Omkara and Soumya managed to hide her in the food trolley and took her to meet Shivaay. Shivaay feels her presence as she emerges from the trolley and is happy to see her. According to the source, after Shivaay is discharged from the hospital he will bring Anika home to which Pinky strongly detest. Pinky warns Shivaay that he has to choose between her and Anika to which Shivaay replies that he will not stop seeing Anika despite her reluctance towards Anika.

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