Monalisa and Vikrant get a secret room for honeymoon in BB house

September 14th, 2016 |
Monalisa and Vikrant get a secret room for honeymoon in BB house
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Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss will be full of celebration as the viewers will get to see the complete wedding celebration of Monalisa and her long time beau Vikrant Singh Rajpoot. Vikrant proposed to her for marriage and she happily accepted it and now they ae ready to get hitched on the national television.

After getting married, Vikrant and Monalisa will leave the Bigg Boss house but there is a little twist to it as they will be taken to a secret room decorated for their first special night. They will be seen spending some quality time with each other before Mona returns to the Bigg Boss house. Other contestants think that Monalisa have left the Bigg Boss house forever and it will be interesting to see what they have to say about the alliance of Mona and Vikrant’s live alliance on the show.

This is the second time when a contestant got hitched on Bigg Boss house after Sara Ali Khan and Ali Merchant who got married in Bigg Boss season 5 to last their marriage for a very short period of time. According to sources, Sara and Ali were apparently paid Rs. 50 Lakhs to get married on the show. So, there are rumors that Monalisa and Vikrant have also been paid a hefty amount for this wedding saga.

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