Omkara charged with ‘Rape’ accusation in Ishqbaaz

May 4th, 2016 |
Omkara charged with ‘Rape’ accusation in Ishqbaaz
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Ishqbaaz currently being aired on Starplus is currently bringing flurry of twists and turns. As per the ongoing track we have seen that Kapoor sisters are making every possible endeavor to ruin Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra’s lives. Each of the Kapoor sisters has vowed to bring down the name of Oberoi brothers down to the mire.

This time Kapoor sisters have set an invincible trap for Omkara. Tia is pregnant with her late husband Robin’s child and Swetlana, Romi and Tia have decided to blame this pregnancy on Omkara. As per their plan Swetlana takes Omkara to a secluded place in a jungle and proposes to him for marriage. Omkara bluntly refuses her proposal but Swetlana blackmails him saying that she will leak her and Tej’s intimate pictures along with Priyanka’s video if he refuses her proposal. Omkara tries to get away but Swetlana gets him unconscious and makes an intimate video. Shivaay and Anika who were following Omkara find him and takes him to home.

Later Swetlana reaches Oberoi house in a tattered condition and claims that Omkara had raped her. Everyone gets shocked when she produces the video as evidence. Seeing the video, Tej believes her and turns against his own son, OmKara. It will be interesting to see how Shivaay and Anika helps OmKara to get him rid of this false accusation.

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